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MediaGroup Nordic is a part of MediaGroup World Wide and is a global Fullservice Marketing Agency which works extensively with advertising; developing knowledge and experience with media advertising in over 60 countries worldwide.

We are an international full service agency centraled based in Denmark, Switzerland and England with regional partner in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Latin America and Eastern Europe. We are specializing in crossborder online and offline advertising, covering all medias, including special interest sites, blogs, search engines, newsletters/emails, etc.

Since 1999, our client portfolio highlights major retail financial platforms with SaxoBank, IG Index, FxPro, Goldman Sachs, HMS Markets, Julius Baar, ACM, and E*Trade. We cater to the high expectations of our luxury clients in horologie, jewellery and travel. Through these diverse relationships, we have established a well-respected name and reputation within the media community.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our expertise and allow us to help you with your next advertising project.

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